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ZWP Staff


Sarah Duke Middleton 

Executive Director





Zumbro ZoeZumbro Zoe (pronounced "ZO-ee")

SpokesOtter, Recreation Coodinator


(ZWP staff take all of Zoe's phone calls and emails

since it's hard to operate a phone or a computer with webbed feet)


ZWP Board of Directors

The Zumbro Watershed Partnership is governed by a 25 member Board of Directors. Twelve are elected officials, including a county commissioner and Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors from each of the six counties of the watershed. Thirteen are citizen members who are elected each year at our annual meeting in March. The Board meets the second Thursday of each month monthly at 7:30 p.m. at the Cascade Meadow Wetlands & Environmental Science Center 2900--19th St. NW in Rochester.

County Commissioner Representatives:
Mark Thein- Olmsted County
Don Springer - Wabasha County
Barney Nesseth- Goodhue County
James Brady- Steele County
Jake Gillen - Rice County
Rhonda Toquam- Dodge County

County Soil and Water Conservation District Representatives:

Steve Connelly - Olmsted SWCD
Thomas Gosse - Wabasha SWCD
Larry Thompford/Glen Roberson - Goodhue SWCD
Richard (Dick) Peterson - Rice SWCD
Larry Scherger - Dodge SWCD
Dan Hansen - Steele SWCD

Citizen Board Directors:

Brett Ostby (Chair)
Dan Schiefert (Vice-Chair)
Megan Gallagher (Secretary)
Sue Kruger (Treasurer)

Jim Hruska

Duane Alberts

Roger Toquam

Bruce Frutiger

Jim Cooper

Joel Johanningmeier

Ray Schmitz

Janice Domke

Mary Idso

Contact Us:

Mailing Address: Zumbro Watershed Partnership, Inc.
12 Elton Hills Drive NW
Rochester, MN 55901

ZWP Executive Director Contact Information 
Phone Number: 507-226-6787

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