Zumbro Watershed Restoration And Protection Strategies (WRAPS)

Minnesota has adopted a watershed approach to gauge the health of lakes and streams in the state’s 81 major watersheds. This approach looks at a drainage area as a whole instead of focusing on lakes and stream sections one at a time.  This watershed approach incorporates the following into a 10-year cycle.

The final draft of the Zumbro WRAPS was approved and published by the MPCA in November of 2017! To download a copy of the Zumbro WRAPS, click here. See the Zumbro page on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website for more information.

Check out our fun and informative booklet on the WRAPS Project here: WRAPS Summary


Past WRAPS Meetings

WRAPS Meeting Materials

Download PDF versions of workshop materials and PowerPoint presentations

WRAPS Lake Zumbro Improvement Association Handout, 10-19-16


WRAPS Kickoff Meeting, March 19, 2016

Click the links below to dowload meeting materials

Zumbro Kickoff Slideshow

Lake Zumbro Model
Planning Using Zonation

Zumbro Computer Modeling

Zumbro Monitoring, Assessment, and Stressor Identification


WRAPS Lobe Meetings: Round 1, June 7-8, 2016

Lobe Meeting Agenda

Nitrogen Sources

Sediment/Phosphorus Sources

Round 1 Lobe Meeting

Discovery Farms Presentation

Lake Zumbro Restoration

Rochester Water Reclamation Plant

Zumbro Watershed Hydrology Model

Stormwater ManagementZonation

WRAPS Round 2 Lobe Meetings, August 9-10, 2016

Round 2 Lobe Meeting Agenda (text)

Round 2 Lobe Meeting AgendaRound 2 Goals

Round 2 Zonation

Round 2 Best Management Practices

Round 2 North and Middle Fork Zumbro River Scenarios

Round 2 South Fork Zumbro River Scenarios

Round 2 Main Stem Zumbro River Scenarios


WRAPS Round 3 Lobe Meetings, November 15th-16th, 2016

Round 3 Meeting Agenda

Best Management Practices 

Output Priority Areas

Meeting PowerPoint Presentations (click to download a pdf version)WRAPS Round Three Introduction

Cold Creek Presentation

DNR Water Use Permits

Wellhead ProtectionWaters That Support Aquatic Life Presentation

Wildlife Management Areas

Rice Lake Presentation


Finale Meeting of the Zumbro River Watershed WRAPS, January 28th, 2017

This will be an all watershed meeting similar to our first event back in March. The main agenda item for the meeting will be to review and give feedback on the draft WRAPS document and TMDL drafts being prepared by LimnoTech and MPCA.  In addition, there will be a talk from BWSR on the Clean Water Legacy Fund and local farmer Tom Pyferoen will share his experience working with cover crops and livestock to benefit soil health and water quality.

Click on the links below for the meeting agenda and draft sections (these materials are for discussion purposes only).

Agenda & Draft Sections

Finale Meeting Agenda

Protection & DNR Priorities

Targeting Geographical Areas

Goals & BMP Tool


Civic Engagement

Finale Meeting Presentations (click links to download .pdf version)

ZRW Finale Meeting: Reivew of Draft Sections

Carolyn Kyllo: Livestock & Water Quality

Meghn Connelly: Water Quality & Soil Health

Tom Pyferoen: Experiences with Cover Cropping in SE MN

Shaina Keseley: Clean Water Funds