Who We Are

The need for an organization that “looks out for the best interest of the entire Zumbro Watershed” was recognized by a handful of private citizens back in March of 2004. At a workshop on sediment in the Zumbro River, these citizens were told that several of the stream reaches in the Zumbro were put on the state’s “impaired waters list,” meaning that they did not meet the state’s standards for being clean enough for recreation or aquatic life.

After this realization, the citizens began meeting weekly to determine possible courses of action. As meetings took place, they were joined by folks from towns across the watershed.

The Zumbro Watershed Partnership (ZWP) is a member-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping residents “Clean, Protect and Enjoy” the lakes, rivers, and wetlands in the Zumbro River Watershed. Through grants, membership dues, and donations, ZWP:

  • Educates the public about how they can take care of water resources by making better choices at home and work;
  • Demonstrates how to slow the flow of water and prevent pollution;
  • Implements on-the-ground projects to protect our water;
  • Stimulates data sharing and project coordination in the watershed; and
  • Inspires residents to clean and protect our area lakes and rivers.

The ZWP formed in 2005 with the mission to Promote the Protection and Improvement of the Zumbro River Watershed. Our partnership includes local citizens, private and nonprofit organizations, federal and state resources agencies, and county conservation districts who work together to restore water quality, wildlife habitat, and the economic and recreational values of the waterhsed.

Our Mission

To promote the protection and improvement of the The Zumbro River Watershed.

Our Purpose

The ZWP’s purpose is to restore the natural and social benefits of a healthy watershed through education and collaborative partner projects.

Who are we?  Visit our Board & Staff: The People that Power ZWP page to learn more.

How do we implement our mission? Visit our Organizational Documents page to learn more.